A real kingdom

In history and in fiction, there are kings and kingdoms. Current trends in fiction – for both teens and adults – lean heavily toward fantasy worlds controlled by kings and other powerful rulers. Mysterious powers and unseen forces are available for and working against the characters. 

But many of us fail to realize how close to reality these stories come. We are all actually living in a world in which supernatural power is available to us and in which invisible forces come against us.

The King of this unseen kingdom has allowed us to choose sides. And since He created this kingdom, He knows how the “book” ends – with our spending eternity living with the choice we made. 

Since we don’t know when that eternity will begin, when it’s too late to switch sides, it’s imperative that we choose now whose side we are on. 

I pray that you will see Jesus as the one you want to spend eternity with. The alternative is far more horrifying than any evil that’s been revealed in history or any dark kingdom created in fiction.

Choose now and choose well. Choose life: His name is Jesus. 

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