A little bit about me


I’m Liane. (Pronounced Lee Ann, in case you were wondering.)

When people ask, I usually tell them I’m a retired teacher and that my favorite thing is being a grandma.

These days, I’m not completely retired. I’m going back to work for the Christian school my daughter attended and where I was principal for four years (back in the ’90s). This time I will be teaching high school English and working with the current (awesome) principal on some projects as the school grows.

I still love being a grandma, but I’m learning how to be a long-distance grandma for now. (For nearly three years, I got to live only two block away from them. Talk about grandma heaven!)

Other things I enjoy are reading, writing, and editing, as well as learning about Bible prophecy and watching for it to be fulfilled.

The Christian life is a great adventure! And I don’t want to miss out on it! I pray that God will give us all the grace to live in the fullness of His plans for us individually and for us as His church.

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